Editorial Assignment #6–Location/Event

Fitter’s Patio Opening Day!

Colored tables on the patio at Fitter's

The outside bar rail on Fitter's Patio

Owner of Fitter's with the first patio customer

Fitter's first patio bartender!

Bar at Fitter's

Fitter's Patio

To see pictures from Fitter’s patio opening, click here!

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Editorial Assignment #5–Shoes

This is where my attempts at writing come in also. I chose to photograph and write about shoes, as if I were writing for a women’s magazine, such as Cosmo. So here goes!

Things To Wear On Your Feet

Legs sticking out of a tub wearing red high heeled shoes

For the sexy type

A woman can choose to wear high heels either when going out or staying in. High heels are used for various reasons, some including to look taller and for sex appeal.

Nike Shox worn for running


When choosing shoes to wear while working out, a woman must choose comfort.

Shoes worn with skinny jeans: canvas flats

Canvas Flats

Now unlike flared jeans or bootcut jeans, when a woman wears skinny jeans, they have to choose their shoes wisely. A woman doesn’t want their feet to look too large or long, so canvas type flats are a good choice if trying to look casual.

Model wearing skinny jeans and ballet flats

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are another good choice when wearing skinny jeans.

Rubber boots to wear when it's raining

Rain Boots

There are boots of all kinds, leather, fur, rubber, etc…
The choice for when it’s raining is, of course, rubber. You could accessorize your rain boots with matching jewelry or clothing.

Model wearing no shoes, huddled up on couch

Bare feet

And then comes a time when you don’t have to wear any shoes at all! Curled up on the couch or in bed. Just make sure you have your toes painted and looking good!

If you want to see the rest of the pictures that were taken for this set, click here to go to flickr!

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Editorial Assignment #4–Fitness

I went and photographed my friend’s workout routine. She is an athlete and works out regularly, so I figured she’d be a great person to photograph for fitness!

Athlete running on the treadmill for practice

Training for Half Marathon

Athlete working out her arms

Arms #1

Athlete working out their arms

Big Guns

Athlete working out arms

Working The Arms

Athlete working out arms


Athlete working out abs


Athlete stretching legs

Stretching Legs

Athlete seated, stretching their legs

Seated Leg Stretch

Athlete stretching their side and legs

Leg/Side Stretch

Athlete stretching their thigh

Thigh Stretch

If you like what you see, click here to visit my flickr slideshow!

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Editorial–In Class Food Shoot!

Closeup on a sandwich and peppers with lemonade in the background

Sandwich, Peppers, and Lemonade

Closeup of the sandwich

Closeup of the right side of the sandwich

Salad with the fork in front and out of focus

Closeup Of The Salad--Emphasis on The Brocolli

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Editorial Q-Flash Class Shoot!

Dark blue sky and bright model

Dark Sky/UCM Stadium and Bright Model

Dramatic sky, bright model

Model leaning against white wall

Model leaning against wall making silly face

Veteran standing next to diverse collection of flags

Click here to watch a slideshow of the rest of the pictures in this set!

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Alien Bee Class Shoot

Low-Key lighting

Model looking over her shoulder

Two girls laughing in lobby

Girl leaning against a fence

Model with very beautiful eyes

Model laughing

Click here to go to my flickr slideshow!

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In-Class Shoot Editorial


Working with light

Lighted with green

Using Movie Light

Using Movie Light

Movie Light and Sunlight

Like what you see? Click here to go to my flickr slideshow!

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The ring that was bought for the bride

Lovers meet under the clock at Union Station

Sillhouette of the couple kissing

Barefoot bride

Couple kissing in front of a gated door

To see more photos, click here to see my flickr slideshow!

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Events – Assignment #2

A trolley the alumni of Wentworth Military Academy can ride on during the parade.

A trolley the alumni can ride on during the parade.

Banner that reads "Wentworth Military Academy"

The beginning of the parade, before those involved started walking.

The score of the football game during second quarter, 21 to 0

Score of the game was 21-0 during the second quarter, final score was 48-7.

A baby wearing Wentworth clothing and accessories, watching the football game

A baby wearing Wentworth Military Academy clothing and accessories during the football game.

Silhouette of a cadet standing in front of the bonfire

The highlight of the weekend: The Wentworth Military Academy bonfire. This picture is of the silhouette of a cadet standing in front of the bonfire.

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LifeStyle–Assignment #1

For Assignment 1, I chose to do “The Life of a College Student.”

Open pill bottle spilling on top of a stack of school books

This image portrays the life of a student, having to work a lot, and drink a lot of caffeine in order to stay away during classes. The student may have to take relaxation pills to calm down to fall asleep after drinking so much caffeine.

Caffeine, Relaxation Pills, Pain Pills, and Cigarrettes

This portrays a life of a college student. Caffeine in order to stay awake during classes and at work; pain pills to work off the headache from stress and possible alcohol; cigarettes to help with anxiety; and nerve relaxer pills to help calm down from the caffeine and stress.

Two cigarettes, one half smoked and sitting in an ashtray

Pills falling

Closeup of the pills spilling on top of school books

Intoxication from alcohol and nerve relaxation pills

This picture represents the end result of a day in the life of said college student. Intoxication from alcohol and nerve relaxation pills.

I chose the black background for these pictures to portray the darkness of this lifestyle. I have lived this lifestyle, so I can relate to all of these pictures.

Click here to go to flickr and view the whole set of images.

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